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Created in May 2013, it is a network of contact points from the 15 ECOWAS countries and Mauritania. 34 contact points + those in Chad will be signed. The charter is signed by all ministers of justice of member countries. The rules of procedure were adopted in 2015.

√ 2 Contact Focal points per country designated by Member countries, namely:

• A representative of the competent authorities in international judicial cooperation (central authorities, etc.) and a judge or prosecutor. Their mandate covers all types of transnational organised crime, including terrorism;

• The Court of Justice and the ECOWAS Commission are observers.

√ Roles of the Focal Points

• Facilitate criminal judicial cooperation, between jurisdictions within and outside the region;

• Establish direct contacts between competent authorities;

• Provide legal and practical information necessary for the preparation and execution of requests.

Regional Mechanism

WACAP - West African Network of Central Authorities and Prosecutors Against Organised Crime

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