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Since 2006, the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development (Rabat Process) is a regional migration dialogue that offers a framework for consultation, bringing together countries of origin, transit and destination in Central, West and Northern Africa, as well as Europe.

The 5th Euro-African Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development, held on 2 May 2018, defined the current multi-annual cooperation program of the Rabat Process in the Marrakesh Political Declaration and Action Plan. This non-binding cooperation framework helps to coordinate national efforts in the area of migration management, and shapes the focus and priorities of the dialogue for the period 2018-2020. The new Action Plan introduced a commitment mechanism to translate its objectives into concrete action.

The Marrakesh Action Plan 2018-2020 is the fifth action plan since the foundation of

the dialogue, in 2006. It focuses on five domains and ten objectives, and includes 23 related actions.

The Marrakesh Action Plan features also six priorities of cross-cutting nature, that are relevant in

relation to all domains, objectives and actions defined in the plan:

  • Domain 4: Irregular migration, migrant smuggling and TIP;

  • Objective 7: To build capacities for border management and combating migrant smuggling and TIP;

  • Objective 8: To improve the protection of those who have been smuggled and of victims of TIP;

  • Cross-cutting priority 2: Issues of gender and protection of migrants in vulnerable situations.


  • The Rabat Process

  • Multi-annual cooperation programme 2018-2020: Marrakesh Action Plan

  • The Strategic Framework: The Evolution of Ministerial Declarations and Action Plans

Regional Mechanism

Rabat Process – Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development

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