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Created in 1998, currently comprises 25 Member States

• Not yet an FTA or a Customs Union;

• Intra-REC trade among Member States is approximately 6%;

• At an early stage of cooperation among Member States;

• Free movement of people within the region partially attained;

• Gained observer status at the UN General Assembly in 2001;

• Revised CEN-SAD Treaty adopted in 2013;

• Secretariat of CEN-SAD under revival.

The establishment of a global Economic Union based on the implementation of a community

development plan that complements the local development plans of Member States. The plan covers the various fields of a sustained socio-economic development: agriculture, industry, energy, social, culture, health, and so on.

The removal of all restrictions hampering the integration of the member countries through the

adoption of necessary measures to ensure:

a. Free movement of persons, capitals and interests of nationals of Member States;

b. Right of establishment, ownership and exercise of economic activity;

c. Free trade and movement of goods, commodities and services from Member States;

The promotion of external trade through an investment policy in Member States. The increase of

means of land, air, and maritime transport and communications among Member States, and the

execution of common projects. The same right, advantages, and obligations granted to their own

citizens to nationals of the signatory countries, in conformity with the provisions of their respective

constitutions. The harmonization of educational, pedagogical, scientific and cultural systems of the

various cycles of education.

Regional Mechanism

CEN-SAD - The Community of Sahel-Saharan States

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